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In normal election years, we could say that political debates between the right and left revolve around competing defini- tions of and concerns about community. Some conservatives are concerned that a diversifying country and a commitment to multiculturalism will erode the na- tional sense of community as expressed in that edah, that common historical story. Some progressives argue that a common historical story is less important than building a kehillah — a nation with a clear sense of collective purpose.

Both groups include a elements outside of, or separate from, the a perpetual state of siege and division. Our healthy percentage of Jews who are deeply community. She the left on Israel — separate me from the Jew- community or compelled to exit it and first joined Bend the Arc in to develop ish community. This leads us to a broader question. If there structs — various types of smaller commu- is such a thing as the Jewish community, nities defined by denomination, interest, Over and over again, many in the Jewish who is part of it?

Who is not? Who defines region, or other factors. Do particular communal know their own communities, defined by discussing the landscape of contemporary institutions define the boundaries of certain touchstones — where they grew American Judaism. But they Jewish institutions, and those who are not.

Figures ranging from but a conglomeration of disparate entities important tensions that are manifest in Mordecai Kaplan to Baruch Spinoza were with sometimes cooperative and sometimes contemporary Judaism. Now, their teachings are discussed at some Consider one of the more prominent polit- of our most established rabbinic seminar- The last time American Jewry operated as ical debates of our time — Israel-Palestine. A wide swath of challenged by our ability as a community sociological literature — much of it derived to accept more than one interpretation of Who defines community?

Jewish tradition based on shared norms, values, interests, requires that we debate opposing views in and the degree to which its members wish order to sharpen our own thinking and to incorporate themselves into or isolate build bridges between different segments themselves from a wider culture. More of our community. If we believe our own shift from an institutional to a personal heterogeneous populations often foster a rhetoric about Jewish continuity, we — understanding of spirituality.

If, as ventional religious affiliation, while not the specific needs of its constituency. And social psychologist George Herbert Mead entirely giving up their religious feelings. He is currently writing a book about the they deem essential for a meaningful life. Young people long for a sense of com- Although the community has united in munal belonging. Feelings of isolation, common cause on several occasions — loneliness, and depression continue to most notably to obtain reparations for How We Gather: increase — with suicide the third-leading Holocaust survivors and demand a full Millennials Creating cause of death among the young.

Nearly one-third of CrossFit gyms, with their famously tough American Millennials do not belong to a workouts, serve not only as the locus As Jews living in North America, we do not faith community and only 10 percent are for physical transformation, but also as have consensus on several issues — no- looking for one. Though many are atheists places in which to build strong social ties tably, whether children of Jewish fathers or agnostics, the majority are less able to that can be called on for support in times and non-Jewish mothers are counted as articulate their sense of spirituality, with of trial.

Is that consensus important? Through Necessary? Often, the founders of these ethos of care for self and others and a mindset of Emily Rich new communities were themselves looking for abundance. They argue, explicitly or implicitly, Contact a space in which to belong and thrive, and they that each person is a change maker with the op- info shma. The portunity — if not the responsibility — to make entrepreneurial spirit is deeply embedded in this change for the better. And making change means For editorial inquiries, landscape of innovation. Yet we Richard Hirsh community. Acknowledging that com- Ari Y.

Kelman Shaul Magid social transformation, purpose finding, creativ- munities are sometimes built in unusual spaces, Lee Moore ity, accountability, and, of course, community. Saferstein gious traditions have been seeking to offer them venues that we often overlook. Innovative commu- of the rising generation. Living Torah. They aim to hold discord. We hope that the richness and diversity of these essays will show you new perspectives that are personally meaningful and edifying. How to Begin This guide offers a variety of suggestions, including activities and conversation prompts for individual contemplation and informal or more structured conversations.

We suggest that you use this guide to share reflections and thoughts over a Shabbat meal, or, for those who are more adventurous, to lead a planned, structured conversation, inviting a small group of friends and family to your home or to a coffee shop. Make room for everyone to speak. Chukim 2 Chukim 2. Noahide 2 Noahide 2. Relationships 2 Relationships 2. Six Remembrances 2 Six Remembrances 2. Coronation 2 Coronation 2.

Shamai 2 Shamai 2. Harlots 2 Harlots 2. Havdallah 2 Havdallah 2. Religious Zionism 2 Religious Zionism 2. Particular 2 Particular 2. Supernatural 2 Supernatural 2. Quran 2 Quran 2. Chalav 2 Chalav 2. Tisha Ba'av 2 Tisha Ba'av 2. Duchening 2 Duchening 2. Individuality 2 Individuality 2. Shabbat Shirah 2 Shabbat Shirah 2. Viduy 2 Viduy 2. Loving Kindness 2 Loving Kindness 2.

Horeb 2 Horeb 2. Communications 2 Communications 2. Nazirite 2 Nazirite 2. Beit Shamai 2 Beit Shamai 2. Book Review 2 Book Review 2. Gift 2 Gift 2. Kidney Donation 2 Kidney Donation 2. Sh'mini 2 Sh'mini 2. Tehilim 2 Tehilim 2. Haftara 2 Haftara 2. Brachos 2 Brachos 2. Gates of Light 2 Gates of Light 2. Parshat Toldot 2 Parshat Toldot 2. Large Group 2 Large Group 2. Neder 2 Neder 2. Yadaim 2 Yadaim 2. Relativism 2 Relativism 2. Robot 2 Robot 2. Yetziat Mitzrayim 2 Yetziat Mitzrayim 2. Challenge 2 Challenge 2. Women Rabbis 2 Women Rabbis 2.

Shemirat Halashon 2 Shemirat Halashon 2. Vayelech 2 Vayelech 2. Lech l'Cha 2 Lech l'Cha 2. Firearms 2 Firearms 2. Racial Discrimination 2 Racial Discrimination 2. Agricultural Cycles 2 Agricultural Cycles 2. Demonology 2 Demonology 2. Interfaith Relations 2 Interfaith Relations 2.

Nissan 2 Nissan 2. Divine Will 2 Divine Will 2. Kippa 2 Kippa 2. Malchuyot 2 Malchuyot 2. Kingdom 2 Kingdom 2. Kittel 2 Kittel 2. Hilel 2 Hilel 2. Zavah 2 Zavah 2. Tehomot 2 Tehomot 2. Public Education 2 Public Education 2. Effort 2 Effort 2. Etre Vu 2 Etre Vu 2. Derash 2 Derash 2. Army 2 Army 2. Speaking 2 Speaking 2. Agricultural Laws 2 Agricultural Laws 2.

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Imitatio Dei 2 Imitatio Dei 2. The Snake 2 The Snake 2. Psalm of the Day 2 Psalm of the Day 2. Collage 2 Collage 2. Olive 2 Olive 2. B'nei Mitzvah 2 B'nei Mitzvah 2. Thank You 2 Thank You 2. Adam and Eve 2 Adam and Eve 2. Waste 2 Waste 2. Aron 2 Aron 2. Queen of Sheba 2 Queen of Sheba 2. Strange 2 Strange 2. Therapy 2 Therapy 2. Parshat Shemot 2 Parshat Shemot 2. Butler 2 Butler 2. Horn 2 Horn 2. Shatnez 2 Shatnez 2. Leaning 2 Leaning 2. Samuel 2 Prophets 2 Samuel 2 Prophets 2. Ben Azzai 2 Ben Azzai 2. Green 2 Green 2. Miscarriage 2 Miscarriage 2. Techelet 2 Techelet 2.

B'reishit 2 B'reishit 2. Oneness 2 Oneness 2. Re'ah 2 Re'ah 2. Torah Trope 2 Torah Trope 2. Akiba 2 Akiba 2. Sof-Pasuk 2 Sof-Pasuk 2. Lag Ba'omer 2 Lag Ba'omer 2. Kafka 2 Kafka 2. Nesiyat Kapayim 2 Nesiyat Kapayim 2. Laban 2 Laban 2. Equanimity 2 Equanimity 2. Priest 2 Priest 2. Prometheus 2 Prometheus 2. Sick 2 Sick 2.

Fart 2 Fart 2. Farm 2 Farm 2. Bilaam 2 Bilaam 2. Postmodernism 2 Postmodernism 2. Yesod 2 Yesod 2. Hakhnasat Orchim 2 Hakhnasat Orchim 2. Rav Shagar 2 Rav Shagar 2. Yitzhak 2 Yitzhak 2. Breaking Wind 2 Breaking Wind 2. Repair the World 2 Repair the World 2. Chok 2 Chok 2. Gold 2 Gold 2. Speech Impediment 2 Speech Impediment 2. Kilayim 2 Kilayim 2. Reparations 2 Reparations 2. Court 2 Court 2.

Shalom Bait 2 Shalom Bait 2. Shmitta 2 Shmitta 2. Aviva Zornberg 2 Aviva Zornberg 2. Aharon Hakohen 2 Aharon Hakohen 2. Jewish Story 2 Jewish Story 2. Graduation 2 Graduation 2. Nisayon 2 Nisayon 2. Coalition 2 Coalition 2. Bereishit 2 Bereishit 2. Yom Hazikaron 2 Yom Hazikaron 2. Struggle 2 Struggle 2.

Beis Hamikdash 2 Beis Hamikdash 2. Mezuza 2 Mezuza 2. Undefined 2 Undefined 2. Rebecca Gratz 2 Rebecca Gratz 2. Community Building 2 Community Building 2. Smoking 2 Smoking 2. Shalshelet 2 Shalshelet 2. Yochi Brandes 2 Yochi Brandes 2. Artificial Intelligence 2 Artificial Intelligence 2. Al Hanissim 2 Al Hanissim 2. Cerdo 2 Cerdo 2. Universal Values 2 Universal Values 2. Attitude 2 Attitude 2. Leket 2 Leket 2. Writing a Dvar 2 Writing a Dvar 2. Chabura 2 Chabura 2. Funny 2 Funny 2. Pass Gas 2 Pass Gas 2. Biblical Jerusalem 2 Biblical Jerusalem 2. Hungry 2 Hungry 2. Written Law 2 Written Law 2.

Requirements 2 Requirements 2. Gikatilla 2 Gikatilla 2. Rabbinic Law 2 Rabbinic Law 2. Beit Hilel 2 Beit Hilel 2. Rome and Jersualem 2 Rome and Jersualem 2. Unintentional Death 2 Unintentional Death 2. Villains 2 Villains 2. Levirate Marriage 2 Levirate Marriage 2. Dvar Torah 2 Dvar Torah 2. Tenth Commandment 2 Tenth Commandment 2. Belief in God 2 Belief in God 2. Empowerment 2 Empowerment 2.

Rabbi Yochanan 2 Rabbi Yochanan 2. Chava 2 Chava 2. VaYehi 2 VaYehi 2. Generations 2 Generations 2.

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Bystanders 2 Bystanders 2. Mother 2 Mother 2. Chukas 2 Chukas 2. Mindful Eating 2 Mindful Eating 2. Yosef Bar Rava 2 R. Yosef Bar Rava 2. Expression 2 Expression 2. Local Custom 2 Local Custom 2. Sofrut 2 Sofrut 2. Minor 2 Minor 2. Healthcare 2 Healthcare 2. Halleluyah 2 Halleluyah 2. Summary 2 Summary 2. Plastic 2 Plastic 2. Mazal 2 Mazal 2. Aviram 2 Aviram 2. Iddo 2 Iddo 2. Semen 2 Semen 2. Rachel Imeinu 2 Rachel Imeinu 2. Prohibitions 2 Prohibitions 2.

Staff 2 Staff 2.

Hevruta 2 Hevruta 2. Rabbi Dr. Erin Leib Smokler 2 Rabbi Dr. Erin Leib Smokler 2. Spinoza 2 Spinoza 2. Unicorn 2 Unicorn 2. Jeroboam 2 Jeroboam 2. Tzedakah Distribution 2 Tzedakah Distribution 2. Katon 2 Katon 2. Teenagers 2 Teenagers 2. Male 2 Male 2. Siyum 2 Siyum 2. Foreign Assistance 2 Foreign Assistance 2. Precedent 2 Precedent 2. Reason for the Plagues 2 Reason for the Plagues 2.

Crime 2 Crime 2. Seed 2 Seed 2. Rock of Israel 2 Rock of Israel 2. Pop Culture 2 Pop Culture 2.

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Cosmetic Surgery 2 Cosmetic Surgery 2. Priestly Blessing 2 Priestly Blessing 2. Fear of God 2 Fear of God 2. Concept of Soul 2 Concept of Soul 2. Wise Men 2 Wise Men 2. Galut 2 Galut 2. Exodus 19 2 Exodus 19 2. Kinnot 2 Kinnot 2. Shekel 2 Shekel 2. Begging 2 Begging 2. Greatest Hits 2 Greatest Hits 2. Observance 2 Observance 2. Legal System 2 Legal System 2. Chaye Sarah 2 Chaye Sarah 2. Ellul 2 Ellul 2. Nature Hike 2 Nature Hike 2. Chaplain 2 Chaplain 2. Food Pantry 2 Food Pantry 2. Shmirat Halashon 2 Shmirat Halashon 2.

Yisrael 2 Yisrael 2. Polly Cowan 2 Polly Cowan 2. Oaths 2 Oaths 2. Avodas Hashem 2 Avodas Hashem 2. Data 2 Data 2. Barrenness 2 Barrenness 2. Breastpiece 2 Breastpiece 2. Hannukkah 2 Hannukkah 2. Economic Equality 2 Economic Equality 2. Saturnalia 2 Saturnalia 2. Study vs. Action 2 Study vs. Action 2. Francais 2 Francais 2. Care 2 Care 2. Arvut 2 Arvut 2. Self Awareness 2 Self Awareness 2. Shirah 2 Shirah 2. Yetzias Mitzrayim 2 Yetzias Mitzrayim 2.

Taste of Text 2 Taste of Text 2. Babylonia 2 Babylonia 2. Toilet 2 Toilet 2. Mikdash 2 Mikdash 2. Discipline 2 Discipline 2. Asherah 2 Asherah 2. Adaptability 2 Adaptability 2. Parsha Sheet 2 Parsha Sheet 2. Eliyahu Hanavi 2 Eliyahu Hanavi 2. Resurrection of the Dead 2 Resurrection of the Dead 2.

Grapes 2 Grapes 2. Hazon Ish 2 Hazon Ish 2. Disease 2 Disease 2. Harvest 2 Harvest 2. Bal Taschit 2 Bal Taschit 2. Baba Kama 2 Baba Kama 2. Meat and Milk 2 Meat and Milk 2. Service Learning 2 Service Learning 2. Walking 2 Walking 2. Lotus 2 Lotus 2. Bruriah 2 Bruriah 2. Dogs 2 Dogs 2. Aliens 2 Aliens 2. Multi-Cultural 2 Multi-Cultural 2. Embodied Torah 2 Embodied Torah 2. Hurricane 2 Hurricane 2. French 2 French 2. Climate 2 Climate 2. Conception 2 Conception 2. New Orleans 2 New Orleans 2. Book of Maccabees 2 Book of Maccabees 2.

Shnayim Mikra 2 Shnayim Mikra 2. Shoes 2 Shoes 2. Yachad 2 Yachad 2. Kitzur 2 Kitzur 2. Ephod 2 Ephod 2. Psak 2 Psak 2. Jonathan 2 Jonathan 2. Hoshea 2 Hoshea 2. Community Organizing 2 Community Organizing 2. Kohein 2 Kohein 2. Avraham 2 Avraham 2. Middle East 2 Middle East 2. Fish 2 Fish 2. Extremism 2 Extremism 2. Vanity 2 Vanity 2. Universal 2 Universal 2. Monty Python 2 Monty Python 2.

Yoseph 2 Yoseph 2. Prosperity 2 Prosperity 2. Gehennom 2 Gehennom 2. Humanism 2 Humanism 2. Portugues 2 Portugues 2. Parshat Vaetchanan 2 Parshat Vaetchanan 2. Chagiggah 2 Chagiggah 2. Trans 2 Trans 2. Emotional Intelligence 2 Emotional Intelligence 2. Yehuda Bar R. Hiyya 2 Yehuda Bar R. Hiyya 2. Metzorah 2 Metzorah 2. Ham 2 Ham 2. Raban Gamliel 2 Raban Gamliel 2. Zeraim 2 Zeraim 2.

Shape 2 Shape 2. Mizrahi Poetry 2 Mizrahi Poetry 2. Elu Metziot 2 Elu Metziot 2. Articles 2 Articles 2. Jewish Unity 2 Jewish Unity 2. Day of Atonement 2 Day of Atonement 2. Second Day 2 Second Day 2. Shir La'maalot 2 Shir La'maalot 2. Defense 2 Defense 2. Shoah 2 Shoah 2.

Sod 2 Sod 2. Triangle Waist Co. Causes 2 Causes 2. Firstborns 2 Firstborns 2. Eroticism 2 Eroticism 2. Gemilut Chassadim 2 Gemilut Chassadim 2. Community Relations 2 Community Relations 2. Stones 2 Stones 2. Ganja 2 Ganja 2. Behead 2 Behead 2. Vital Transfromation 2 Vital Transfromation 2. VaYishlach 2 VaYishlach 2.

Body and Soul 2 Body and Soul 2. Kallah Class 2 Kallah Class 2. Levites 2 Levites 2. Allocation 2 Allocation 2. A sense of solidarity would endure in defining Jewish solidarity.

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Reopening difficult, only if peoplehood established a shared under- and now taboo, topics may seem incredibly dis- standing of the meaning of Jewish collectivity loyal at a moment when many perceive the need as distinct from both political citizenship and to advocate for Israel in the face of criticism. Peoplehood would also need to However, Kaplan teaches that robust ties of address potentially conflicting attitudes about peoplehood require recognizing differences democracy and citizenship.

Jews in the U. The Jewish state number of Jews sensitive to the tensions would insist on precisely such preservation of a Kaplan presciently identified. Anti-Zionism has forfeited its cred- ibility. Yet recently some have complained that The community should acknowledge that from Around the among Jews no dissent from Israeli policy is frequently those who dissent are those most Globe possible. Professor Norman Finkelstein, committed to and involved with Israel as a among others, suggests that criticism of Jewish state. Failure to set boundaries will gage in counter-speech.

All too often those Jewish dilute the culture of its distinctiveness. Reactions by Piyutim tion into American society. Therefore, no for- Jewish supporters of the recent Goldstone What Jewish conver- mal limits upon dissent may be set. Send sug- macy of dissent but Jewish communal re- Steven Bayme is director of the Koppelman Institute on gestions for future sponse. SBerrin shma. This goal, of course, is easier said and done.

The road to dialogue is perhaps more have jumped with joy. Yet, Buber held, it was the only the world how to solve disputes between na- road that would ensure the realization of both tions peacefully.

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Indeed, Buber realized that the conflict with the Arabs was thus emphati- the looming conflict with the Arabs would be cally a Zionist ethic. It was rooted in a fear that protracted and bitter, fueled by seemingly ir- Realpolitik would lead the movement, with reconcilable claims. As a consequence of such an spiritual, and ethical values. It was also analysis, the Zionist leadership assumed the premised on an appreciation of the fact that strategy of Realpolitik, driven by the pursuit of Eretz Yisrael was a land of two peoples, the national self-interest — often, to put it crudely, Jews and the Palestinian Arabs — and, if they by hook or crook.

The fact that the opposing like it or not, they would have to learn to live side pursued the same path, of course, only with one another. In the years prior to the es- served to reinforce the putative wisdom of this tablishment of the State of Israel, Buber en- political strategy. He edited and tory power of Palestine, Buber advocated es- in mutual trust and dignity; it was not a dog- wrote a commentary to A Land tablishing a dialogue with the Palestinian matic or doctrinal position.

But he con- litical perspective. And that direction was set University of Chicago Press, and co-edited the tended that partners in dialogue are cultivated. Upon settling in revised edition New York: challenge was to overcome the adversarial bar- Jerusalem in , where he assumed a pro- Oxford University Press, His voice was respected Birthday. Today we hear a call geously built a new framework by which to for all our Jewish endeavors to be suffused delineate the boundaries of what constitutes with kavannah, in the sense of engaging normative Jewish behavior.

This new para- us beyond Jewish life. The boundaries in digm secured the strength and vitality of this new paradigm are demarcated by a Judaism for almost two millennia. Our found challenges to the theological and be- demands for meaning and the value we havioral assumptions of Rabbinic Judaism place on our intentions must be matched by — not to mention the authority upon which equally deep commitments to regular and it is based.

Rather than abandon the Jews shared Jewish engagement. We must devote who today have abandoned a Judaism that ourselves to building communities focused no longer engages or inspires loyalty in on creative Jewish expression, where con- them, we need to ask: What now? Can we nections between Jews can be nurtured, and articulate a new paradigm that is both con- through which our bonds to one another sonant with our past and inspiring of a vi- can ensure the unfolding of Judaism into brant Jewish future — one that guides and centuries ahead.

We must not only be pre- FREE unites most of us? This paradigm is cre- subscribers, and Rachel Brodie is the executive director of Jewish ated from the tension between tradition and Milestones in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are much more! COM Revolutionary Orientations vs. On I tration insisted upon the settlement freeze, the religious Zionist and general public as well as the media have been concerned again the one hand, it conceives of the Jewish nation as possessing an inner will to return to God, that is, to create a state according to the ideals of the with the issue of whether religious Zionist sol- Torah, one that will eventually restore some of diers and officers in the Israel Defense Force the lost aspects of Jewish religious existence IDF would obey orders to dismantle settle- such as prophecy and the Temple worship.

This ments and evacuate settlers in Judea and idea is in accordance with other modernist ide- Samaria — the West Bank. This concern height- ologies such as Freudianism and Marxism, ened with the recent confrontation between which attribute to human beings ideas and pur- Rabbi Eliezer Melamad, the head of the Hesder poses that they are not fully conscious of and Yeshiva in Alon Moreh and Ehud Barak, the which must be uncovered and achieved. Minister of Defense over the ex post facto sup- The other complementary idea is that God port that Rabbi Melamed gave to soldiers works His will through the history of the entire demonstrating, within army training frame- Jewish people.

The State of Israel, by encom- works, against such evacuation. Here too, the the junior officer corps in the IDF are religious idea is to create an ideal Divine state, but it is Zionists and they are an important component to happen gradually as the consciousness of the in many elite units. Thus, God working from above and the Jewish people working God working from above and the Jewish people from below were to achieve the same goal — a working from below were to achieve the same state in the Greater Land of Israel that reflects goal — a state in the Greater Land of Israel.

These two ideas taken to- gether represent the two potentially contradic- The controversy with Melamed showed, tory orientations of religious Zionism. The idea though, that such support for disobedience of of the inner will striving for messianic fulfill- orders is not at all a unanimous position ment represents the revolutionary potential of among radical religious Zionists and the set- religious Zionism, while the idea of the State of tlers.

This controversy con- tachment to the State of Israel. In practice, how- To fully understand the commitment of reli- ever, the State of Israel diverged from this plan. Shlomo Fischer is the couple of its deeper ideas concerning Jewish na- Land of Israel and is willing to forfeit more in founding director of Yesodot — Center for Torah and tionalism and Jewish history. In its own under- the context of further peace negotiations.

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Such Democracy, which works within standing, Religious Zionist ideology is about a a development presented religious Zionism the Orthodox school system to synthesis of the mundane — e. Should it remain true to its educate for democracy, tlement, economic production, and religious revolutionary vision or remain loyal to the State tolerance, and the rule of law. A and spiritual ideals. However, it does not con- of Israel and its institutions as it actually is in research fellow of the Van Leer ceive of this synthesis of the material and the practice. For some religious Zionists, the peace Jerusalem Institute, Fischer teaches in the School of spiritual in a mechanical or superficial way.

In response to those University. Other religious Zionists remained stead- general will of the Jewish people. Yet they are SHMA. COM fastedly loyal to the state and its governing in- not the only voice. What was noteworthy were stitutions, accepting the decisions of duly the very many noted religious Zionist rabbis constituted government officials even when and leaders who refrained from participating in they were in opposition to their most deeply this call.

Some of those rabbis, in fact, forbid held and cherished beliefs. These religious the refusal of orders. Above all, it is important Zionists believe that the State of Israel cannot to remember that both orientations — the rev- be forced to accept its destiny through the bar- olutionary one and the orientation of civic loy- rel of a gun. The consciousness of the people alty — exist within most religious Zionists and must be patiently educated and enlightened.

But after the successful Thus, 10, people and over 20 settlements disengagement from Gaza, the evacuated set- were peacefully evacuated in the disengage- tlers received extremely shabby treatment from ment from Gaza. These rabbis are focused upon the democracy, and civic loyalty. It is often the qui- etest voice that reminds me not to overlook that guides my life and informs my decision the disenfranchised standing just beyond making. In essence, I am required to engage my gaze as I consider what it means to be a moral contract with God, before seeing it.

I am often in the position of asking much, informs my work at the San Francisco the questions: Are they for us or against us? How wide ions that make me nod in agreement as well is that tent, anyway? What is my moral ob- as opinions that find me questioning my ligation of hearing every voice and how do own assumptions and searching for common I bring divergent opinions together in a har- ground.

How do I engender ues of hearing and loving to the next gener- the trust of the community to explore the ation through openness and inclusivity. Suggested Further Reading Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris More nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

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Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. COM T certain convictions put an individual outside the Pale, are difficult because they self up to the charge of disloyalty. Of course, this not I am disloyal is moot, or at least not as person probably sees it differently — that is, interesting. Can provement. On Ignorance and Intimidation YEHUDA KURTZER ur inability to talk about or teach about loyalists, inclining them to believe that anyone O Israel stems from a basic pedagogic problem: How do we convey that which is visceral — deeply felt but not neces- skeptical of the programmatic party line is thus opposed to Israel, and removing the importance of nuance from one of the most complex pieces sarily cognitively understood?

It is too easy to of contemporary Jewish identity. Simply put, characterize the difference between preceding the twin pillars of ignorance and intimidation and current generations of Diaspora Jews and not only make a productive Jewish conversa- their passion for Israel as the difference be- tion about Israel impossible; they make it un- tween moral clarity and moral ambiguity, as pleasant and undesirable. Bronfman Visiting Chair in down through the generations; we need to ac- sary nuance. But a move toward a sophisticated Jewish communal innovation at knowledge the difficulty of transmitting feelings curriculum places Israel in Jewish contexts: in Brandeis University, and as of when they are not accompanied by ideas.

His current project Advocacy, lobbying for a cause and confronting and acknowledges rather than fears nuance. The dilemma of American Jewish loyalty to Israel, raised by the recent controversy con- Israel has had a rightwing aura since the s. Many American Jews who articulate robust pro- Israel sentiment are self-described conservatives Subscribe!

The American Left, informed, and the early s. To what degree is dissent al- especially post, is more skeptical of the subscribe today! What happens when loyalties col- eign policy cf. And, when loyalties idency of George W. Noam Chomsky collide, what happens when one or another of would be an extreme case in point. It might seem that these Israel was not the Israel of his son. The ideological signs have changed beyond But this is not the case, and one can not recognition, and so too has the geopolitical draw historical analogies between the early scene been revolutionized since the s.

In a few high-pro- cant by involving the interests of the big three file cases, this loyalty was powerful, not a dual or big two. Since the Cold War, the relevant loyalty but an overweening loyalty to the Soviet geometry has become far harder to map. In tural history, had the U. Established by Harry Truman, loyalty oaths Israel is seeking from the U.

This scandal at the Catholic University of ing power and influence and they were ex- sheds light on the loyalties sought and the loy- America. His first book, The ploited by Joseph McCarthy. Loyalty oaths, alties contested, in both countries, but in Conservative Turn: Lionel Trilling, Whittaker Chambers which lasted into the s, followed from a bi- America it will not lead to state-sponsored loy- and the Lessons of Anti- nary understanding of friend and foe; and, for alty oaths. In the s, Americans feared the Communism, came out in McCarthy, a foe was anyone with a radical past.

Soviet Union as a mortal enemy. Though COM from the late Nikita Khrushchev. To evaluate to the fading history of the Cold War. The panelists, representing bling to understand the contours of a new reality. I do believe that lines need to be performance and visual arts, spoke of a pal- drawn — not every film, play, or art instal- pable sense of fear and retrenchment in the lation deserves an airing in a Jewish con- communities they serve and from many of text, just as not every opinion is suitable to the donors who fund their work.

The elec- be published in the newspaper I edit or on tions of President Barack Obama and Prime its website. If, say, criticism of an Israeli gov- veteran artists have seen in a long time. The boundaries of acceptable Jane Eisner is the editor of The Forward.