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But the risks are equally high, especially when Marisol finds herself falling for an ex-cop involved in the case. Is he feeding her info to help her out or to set her up?

The Wright Boss

As the secrets of her sexual past resurface, her perfect plan begins to unravel. Marisol must outwit the Central Robbery detectives and outrun the vicious pimp who firebombed her clinic. She will need all her Lower East Side street survival skills to save her clinic, her team and her own skin. Marisol is totally dedicated to her cause, but the author is wise to not make Marisol a saint but rather deeply flawed…. Marisol is an interesting Robin Hood, and her struggles to help her friends and family, as well as realistic stories of women in shelters seeking refuge from dangerous men, will resonate with readers.

De Leon offers erotica with an engaging plot and emotional and social depth. Though she is living a life of crime, she has a heart of Gold. This is a fast-paced tale, cinematic in style, with a clear vein of smart thinking with regards to women and sex — whether for work or pleasure. The women in this book blaze so brightly, you could almost burn your fingers on the pages. Uptown Thief carries its radical intentions like a switchblade in a rhinestone clutch. It cries out for a TV series…. From the soul-killing choices of children trapped in abuse and poverty, to the messy, dirty, complicated choices of adults struggling to hold together family and community in brutal economic times.

Marisol is a take-no-prisoners boss who respects her employees and allows them to have control over their bodies and their work, despite their position as sex workers. It gave me insight into how this profession could be…. The story itself is fast-paced and titillating the sex scenes are steamy! The action scenes are tense and exciting, and this is definitely the novel for those who want some excitement in their lives! Or if you just read books. You MUST read this series. Anyone familiar with the J. Barrie original will find it fascinating to learn of the thrilling adventures and trials that Pan experienced long before he entered the lives of Wendy, John and Michael Darling.

This was another story that we fell in love with. Peter Pan in Scarlet is the first authorized sequel to Peter Pan ever to be written. He writes with the middle-school and teenage boy in mind, and my boys love everything he churns out. My younger son read Zoobreak when he was 11, and re-read it again when he was 12, to give you an idea of how good it is. I read this remarkable account of solitude and survivorship to my older son when he was Another tale of survivorship and bravery, this time about two young teenage boys in the north, who set out on an adventure only to find themselves horribly lost and all alone in the wilderness.

Together, they face the countless dangers and challenges that that nature throws at them — wild animals, foraging for food in the frozen tundra, frigid temperatures in their attempt to find their way back to civilization. Written by the late Farley Mowat, a world-renowned author from our own small town, this thrilling adventure ranks high on our list of all-time favourite reads. Tuck Everlasting is the enchanting tale of a family who is granted eternal life after drinking from a magical spring.

For both of my boys, Hatchet is their favourite Gary Paulsen novel. Armed with nothing more than the hatchet his mother gave him, he draws on his inner-strength, determination and instinct to survive 54 days of solitude while awaiting rescue. Hmmm… maybe not! Read it to your boys!

1. Your boss takes credit for your work (63 percent)

I read this book to my oldest when he was about My son found the action and excitement of the sport intriguing, and of course, the moral dilemma had us pondering honesty, trust and integrity. If you have a hockey player in your family, he will love this entire series. For years, my boys loved following the adventures and escapades of teammates and school chums Travis, Nish, Larss and the gang.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe — C. My older son, the more reluctant reader of the two, read City of Ember when he was in Grade 7. He raved about it. This is another novel that I have not yet read, but my 14 year old devoured it while on vacation this summer, and then handed over to his best friend who read it with the same voracity. My younger son plowed through this one when he was My 14 year old gave me The Giver for my birthday last year, after reading it and loving it himself.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and could see why he was so enthralled by it. When my 14 year old reluctant reader blew through this trilogy during a 2 week vacation, I knew it had to be good. I read all 3 books as well, and absolutely loved them. My husband followed suit and a couple of years later, my younger son read them as well. This book, the first in a series, swallowed my 14 year old whole. Again, being that he does not love to read, that speaks volumes about the book.

He went on to read the sequels: The Scorch Trials and the Death Cure, and he enjoyed those thoroughly as well. They ARE available in hardcopy from Amazon. And there you have it, over 40 of the all-time best books for boys that even the most reluctant readers will love. Recipes, experiments, art projects, printables and play ideas with links to 80 activities not featured in the book.

Download your copy today :. Save Save. Jackie is a mom, wife, home daycare provider, and the creative spirit behind Happy Hooligans. She began blogging in , and today, Happy Hooligans inspires more than 2 million parents, caregivers and Early Years Professionals all over the globe. Love hearing from more experienced moms what books their kids enjoyed!

Pinning for when my son gets older! I loved the Hardy Boys series. I read them in the seventies around age My Side of the Mountain. Full of adventure, saving nature , and growing up strong.

Perspective Series: Interview with Ali Rauch of Chicken Salad Chick

Thank you, Phyllis! If you loved The Giver you should read Son. Very good! Oh cool! Thank you! They take place in the same world.

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A great series at any age! Rick Riordan has many books and my son, now 16, is hoping that he will write more.

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He loved the series. Great list! Thought your son would like to know his wishes have been granted. About Norse mythology. Hi, good choices. I enjoyed your post. My son absolutely love The Rangers Apprentice Series. Great ideas! Those my boss really loved! Loved your list!! So many reluctant readers in my 6th grade class began to finally read after completing the first book. Thank you!! Hi Nora. I agree with Nora. Until I heard these books, I never cared for books-on-tape. These are outstanding. As a retired librarian and former school teacher, I highly recommend the Harry Potter books for boys of the age you are suggesting, as well as girls and adults!

My kids have all loved those books. Thanks for letting me know about them though. It was the second book that hooked me. Sorry, I just saw the comment above. But if your boys are past the age of being read to, this is still a series you would enjoy. So many neat ideas on this list!

You're Not The Boss Of Me, Part 3: Envy // Andy Stanley

We love, love, love The Cricket in Times Square. It was my favorite growing up and is now a favorite of my 4 year-old! We all loved it! Love this list. Will be using it for gift ideas for my nephews. They live in another country so I am always looking for gifts I can send via Amazon. Great set of stories that I think would interest a reluctant reader.

And is not overwhelming as you can read one story at a time. Thanks for the recommendation, Raeyle. One of my favourites from it is about a rajah from asia who has big ears and hides it so no one knows except his barber who is sworn to secrecy. Great list and I am glad to find some new selections, as well as old favorites, for my son. I am going to try Peter and the Star Catchers. I have boys aged 12 and 10, and this story of two boys, a father, and the frightening circus that comes to town was perfect for them.

It explores themes of dreams and responsibilities, and has been a favorite of mine since I was 13! Do you have a similar post for girls? She can literally go through up to 5 books a week ummm, bookworm much!?! Island of the Blue Dolphins, the Lemony series, and the 2 Peter Pan books would likely appeal to her though. That girl knows her books! The title of the post just makes it easy for Moms of boys to find a great book list for their sons. In my experience, girls will often read just about anything, but boys tend to be a little more particular about their reading material.

Especially reluctant readers. This list simply puts a collection of books that boys find particularly appealing in one place for those looking for books for their sons to read. I think the entire Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome 12 novels belongs on this list. This is a great list. Half Brother looks intriguing. A great series for boys. If you are a Star Wars, fan you will find them especially fun. We still laugh about some of the chapters. There are actually 3 more books. You must get to book 3 before you will see a connection, since originally book 2 was written as a companion book, not a sequel.

They are amazing. My 12 year old finished the series this week. We also enjoyed the Divergent series. Peter and the Starcatchers series appeals to boys and girls. Just FYI. The Divergent series is good. I have one child that also reads a few grades ahead and we cannot keep him in books. The Outsiders is a good book, lots of talking points, some dark stuff, though. Good luck!

Although I am no longer a boy, once upon a time, a long time ago, I was. The main character is a girl, but she pretends to be a boy. I stumbled across this series in the juvenile section of the Library and so far have read 9 of the 12 books in the series. The reader need to start with the 1st book and read the rest in order. I actually listened to the books on audio while driving a truck. The person narrating the books is very good at changing her voice for the different characters in the story.

The 1st book in the series has a long title. Just wanted to thank you for specifying that your BOYS loved these books. There are tons of books out there that appeal to girls, but not so much for boys. Keep up the good work! I really wanted to reach mothers of boys, Liz, as we have a difficult time finding books that specifically appeal to our sons.

Thank you for this awesome list! I have 3 boys and we read every night. I read this book over and over when I was young, but anyway! I too hope to be reading to my boys until they are far too old for it! They got me into reading years ago and my sons have followed suit. We are both loving it!! My 9-year old recently read Escape from Mr. There was a puzzle to be solved at the end and the author invited you to email him if you did. My son solved it and emailed the author. Within a day or 2 the author emailed him back a very nice note.

My son was absolutely thrilled! Girls will love these books too! Teaching 4th grade I did many of these as read alouds. Great literature engages boys and girls. We need our girls to hear stories of bravery and our boys to hear ones of tenderness. Sounds like the mom compiling the list has boys. Lucky kids to have a home with such great books! Awesome list! They were terrific. Blair, and most girls like the Boxcar Children and Judy Bloom. I hope some of these suggestions work for you! Great list.

I would suggest parents preview the books first as some have content they may find unsuitable for their children. Yes, Kim, I was thinking the same. Although the majority are probably squeaky clean, I think there are a couple in the list that have some sexual content. It would be great if the books with some sexual content would be marked with an astrix just so we know. Tim Green has awsome books for boys or anyone who likes sports. Every thing you do, is an opportunity to learn, and grow, and develop into a better person and employee.

From your perspective as a leader, what is one thing that employees can do to communicate or work better with their leader? Learning each other's preferences and communication style is a really good start. If your boss is a texter and hates voicemail, know that. If he or she is bad at checking email, then schedule meetings to run down your list of questions verbally. Learn how they work, and adjust yourself accordingly so you can work best together. From an interviewer perspective, what are you most interested in in the interview?

I'll take a look at their resume and confirm if they have the base skills I need, and may ask a few questions about it to get some context, but really, I"m asking questions regarding culture. I ask questions like:. We want to know:. Are they hungry - will they work hard to succeed? Are they humble - do they care about themselves and what's in it for them, or do they truly care about others? Are they smart - not book smart, but interpersonally smart.

Can they read other other people well, get along with others, etc? From a business perspective, what should other leaders be aware of as they grow? They need to adjust and embrace the changing of time and culture and employee types.

Best Books for Tween Boys (10 and up):

I would also recommend that leaders don't shy away from questions. As employees, we tend to ask a lot of "why" questions, not because we are questioning authority, or not trusting it, but because we truly want to understand. Embrace that instead of getting scared by it. There's room for all of us at the top - let's grow together and take the world by storm! Sharing is Caring!