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The Historic Dockyards, Portsmouth. May 26 - 31, To Commemorate the Battle of the Atlantic. Issue No 3. September Issue No 4. December Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine. Part 2. Vol LII Vol LIII Vol LIV Vol LVII Vol Vol LIX. Vol LXI. Vol LXII. Vol XLI.

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Vol XLVI The Definitive MoD Guide. October April January Rates of pay, Conditions of Retirement, Entry Regulations, etc.

War at Sea: Changing Techniques and Unchanging Fundamentals

Ministry of Defence. House of Commons. The Admiralty Account of Her Achievement. The Admiralty Record of their Achievements Souvenir Guidebook. AGAR, Augustus. Captain VC, RN. From Classical Times to the Coming of Steam. The year Story of Greenwich.

Through the Eyes of His Commanders. On Other Naval Occasions. Steam - Turbine - Diesel - Nuclear. The Old Navy Naval Ratings of the 19th Century. Between Sea and the Saddle. A Portrait of St. The PT War against Japan. Q-Ships and Decoy Raiders. Memoirs of a Sailor. Volume I. With Many Voices. Letters and P. Aircraft Carrier - Operational History. Warship Profile An Amphibious Adventure. The First Modern Battleship. The Saviour of the Navy.

Cmdr USN. BURN, Alan. Convoy Commanders in the Second World War. BURT R.

Lee Maritime Books - Naval & Royal Navy Books

A Photographic Archive. Captain RN. Including US Coast Guard. Singapore The Story of Malta and the Malta Convoys. The Story of the Malta and the Malta Convoys. A Narrative of the Napoleonic Wars. Memoirs of a Naval Officer. The D-Day Landings June 6, Exhibition Wasavarvet. The Ships and their Development. Volume 6. Britain at War. A Complete Record in Text and Pictures.

An Illustrated Encyclopedia. Warships Illustrated No 6. Destroyer April 18, The Man and The Legend. The Beginnings of Underwater Warfare. Stories of the War at Sea. The Official Guidebook. The Bellerophon and the Downfall of Napoleon. The Biography of a Ship of the Line, English language edition prepared by A. Their Ships, Aircraft and Armament. Part 1. The Amphibious Tracked Vehicle at War. A Centenary Commemoration.

How the Fleet brought the Great Guns to Bear,. HMS Agamemnon at War An Archaeological Tour of War at Sea. A Midshipman's Diary An extraordinary historical detective story shedding new light on the life of Britain's greatest naval hero. The Petrified Eye and other Naval Stories. Lieut-Cmdr RN.

A Tale of Three Atlantic Convoys Part I. Part III. Ultra's Base at Bletchley Park. Fifth Edition. A History of Submarine Losses And The Battle of Normandy A Guide. The Official Guide to Anniversary Events. Warship Profile No. Deep Diving and Marine Archaeology in Sweden.

New Images of the Infamy. Ships of the Line at Trafalgar Admiral USN. Those Who Were There. The Story of Operation Torch. The Allied Invasion of North Africa. Submarine Taurus. Part Five. Nelson's Flagship at Trafalgar GOSS J. Third Series. Dispatches from the Front.

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The Drama of the Navy Under Sail. GWYN, Julian. Cmdr RN. HALL G. Rear Admiral. Real Life Stories From the Deep. The True Multi-role Ship. New Perspectives on the Battle of Trafalgar. The Life and Exploits of a Fighting Captain. The Battle of Convoy HX Naval Blockades of WW1. Warfare in the Mediterranean - The Indestructible Highway. HILL, Richard. As told to Geoffrey Brooks. David Cmdr RN. HOEY, Brian. Inside the Queen's Floating Palace. The Fall of Singapore The Story of the Royal Navy to A History of the Modern Battleship.

The Story of British Sea Power. The Immortal Memory. The Nelson Touch. A History of the Japanese Navy. A History of the United States Navy, The Widowmaker. An Illustrated History. A Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh. From the Middle Ages to the Present Day. Horatio Nelson. A Tiffy's Tale. The Story of William E. The History of Maritime Aviation.

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A Manual for the Naval Officer's Wife. Rre Photographs from Wartime Archives. The Evolution of the Big Guns. Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives. The Last Battleships. Images of War. KEMP P. Lieut-Cdr RN. KEMP, Paul. Warships Illustrated No II. KING, William. Admiral and General-at-Sea. The Life of Admiral Robert Blake.

Nelson and King George V Classes. A Soviet Submariner's Personal Account Publications of The Naval Records Society. The War Correspondents. Japan's Suicide Samurai. The Partnership that saved the West. Training the Wartime Navy. US Navy Air Combat Varende Vloot. Seventh Edition. From to the Present Day. Navies of the Second World War. The Voyages of Edward H.

Surgeon R. An Informal History. The Story of Sheffield's Fighting Ships. Pearl Harbour. December 7th LORD, Walter. Volume One LUND Paul. The Story of the Lost Wrens. LYON D. Technical History. LYON, Hugh. Despatches from the Front. A History of the Fighting Vessel. Captain R. A Life of John Paul Jones. The Ships and the Officers. Illustrated by John Batchelor. Napoleon's Naval Waterloo. Captain RNVR.

Cdr RN. A series of Watercolours by Ian Marshall. Drawings by Siegfried Breyer and Enrico Po.

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Sottomarine E Sommergibili. HMS Aldenham, HMS AQldenham Britain in Pictures series. A Bibliography. A Royal Marines Ragbag. The Tragedy of the Royal Oak. A Collection of Royal Naval Anecdotes. Including Forces of British Dominions Overseas. Deep-Sea Discovery of an Epic Battle. Melhuish, Lieut. On Patrol with the Hanna in the Postwar Pacific.

A Biography of William F. From Graveyard to Resurrection. Fourth Year of Issue. Second Year of Issue. Volume VIII. New Guinea and the Marianas. March - August Volume VII. Aleutians, Gilberts and Marshalls. June - April The 'Victor' Class Nuclear Submarine. A Survivor's Story. Lt-Cdr RNR. Third Edition. Sir Robert Holmes and the Restoration Navy. The Untold Story. OWEN, Charles. PACK S. The Last Fuhrer. Portrait of a Nazi War Leader. Untold Stories of the Heroes of the Royal Navy.

The Classic Age of Naval History, Memoirs of a Naval Officer's Wife in the 's. A Story of the Russian Convoys. From Sailing Ships to Naval Aviation Cmdr R. Some Adventures of Midshipmen of the Fleet. Fisher's Feud with Beresford and the Reactionaries. The Elimination of German Surface Warships around the world Boy Seamen in the Royal Navy - Ships' Boys on the Georgian Navy. Seaman, Writer and Adventurer. HMS Vindex at War. Submarines at War.

Experiences of War. POPE S. Life at Sea in the Age of Nelson. The Life of Yamamoto. Baker III. Their Ships, Aircraft, and Armament. The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Admiral of the Fleet. Memories of a Naval Chaplain. Two Volumes. Volume Two. The Defensive. Free French Submarine. Captain USN. Naval Policy in the Twentieth Century.

Countdown to Battle The Development of British naval strategic thought, Battleships of Other Nations. Daily Dispatches froma Frigate at War. The Story of the Loss of the Empress of Britain. Voices from Leyte Gulf. Fight To The Last Man. Operation Overlord and the Battle for Normandy. Captain, VRD. Part One: Battleships. His Full Story. HMS Faulknor - One Destroyer's War The Dive Bomber Pilots Speak.

‘Don’t Give Up the Ship’

A Commando's View of the Falklands War. A World War Two Memoir. The Story of Calais as a military port from to and the Ships which served it. Malta's Role in the Allied Victory Spurr's War. Edited by Eric Grove. NAVY Adventures in the Navy. Cmdr RIN. The Birth of the Indian and Pakistani Navies.

The Attack on Pearl Harbour. Captain Taprell Dorling RN. Destroyer Operations in The Great War. RD, RNR. TALL J. An Illustrated History of British Submarines. The History of the First Battlecruiser May May The U-Boat Wars Pearl Harbour to the Coral Sea. The Struggle at Sea. The Story of H. Destroyers at War - Spearhead of Invasion. Samuel Thornton, Admiral, Percy Melville Thornton, TILL, Geoffrey. A Historical Survey. From Wardroom to Boardroom. A History of Aircraft-carrying Submarines. Cz, 3. Encyclopedia of Warships The Story of Malta Submarines. The Great Struggle at Sea The U. A Restless Spirit.

Revised Edition. Anthony J. An Autobiography of a National Service Sailor Lt Cdr RN. Lt-Cdr RN. Great Fighting Admirals from Hawke to Nimitz. World War 2 Fact Files. Britain's First and Last Battleship. An Illustrated Social History Letters from the Home Front In Photographs. A Fight for Survival. An Anti-Submarine Commander's War. The U-Boat Inshore Campaign. Propaganda in the Year of the Armada.

An International Encyclopedia. Naval Battles of World War One. One Ship's War. Ito the Present Day. Two Volume Set. Stories of Battle and Adventure from the Age of Sail. The Rise and Fall of the British Navy. Submarine Warfare in World War One. In Trust for the Nation Life on the Lower Deck of the Victorian Navy.

The Royal Family in the Royal Navy - The First and The Last. Volume 1. The Merchant Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic. Submarine Wrecks of the United Kingdon. Gerald Lee Maritime Books. Naval History. Maritime Memorabilia. Paperback Books. Books about Naval History… Above-average Ex-reference library. Profusely illustrated. S Government Printing Office 24pp. Fine in VG pictorial card cover. Sin Creased, otherwise VG in pictorial card cover. Souvenir Programme 71pp. Very Good in slightly rubbed and nicked pictorial paper cover.

Souvenir Brochure 36pp. Fine in Fine pictorial card cover. Very Good in creased pictorial card cover.. Illustrated with over photographs, a variety of the worlds's warships mainly cruisers, most of which took part in World War 2. In addition, a section of the book is also devoted to modern passenger liners. Japanese text, but the names of the majority of ships have been printed in English. January pp. Profusely illustrated in colour. Small piece cut from lower edge of cover, otheriwise. Very Good. As new: Mint in Mint pictorial card cover.

No pagination. VG in Fine pictorial card cover. Illustrated endpapers. Fine in Near-Fine pictorial card cover. Model Shipways no date c 14pp. Like new; Near Mint in card cover. Navy Department in to satisfy public interest and the demand of model makers for authentic information on the newly restored frigate, Constitution.

Above-average ex-reference library. VG in card cover. The standard reference of the world's navi This is a heavy book therefore extra postage will be required for overseas delivery. Souvenir Brochure Frank Cass. Like new; Mint in pictorial card cover. Prof ills. Profusely illustrated with photographs. An excellent unmarked copy; Fine in Fine pictorial card cover. This account is related primarily from the naval point of view, and includes full details of the involvement of the British Pacific Fleet. As new; Mint in pictorial card cover. A full account of the naval mutinies at Spithead and the Nore in Harcourt Brace 1st.

Hardback edition. The Book Guild. A detailed and lively account of the author's experiences during the Second World War. He took part in several cloak-and-dagger operations in the Aegean and acommanded a flotilla of MLs which guided landing craft to the Normandy beaches on D-Day. Illustrated 5 maps. Crosby Lockwood. Vividly describes the war fought by corvettes and destroyers during the Battle of the Atlantic. No pagination approximately 76pp. A few neat annotations, otherwise VG in VG pictorial card cover. Set out in day to day form is a summary of the anniversaries of important events in the history of the Royal Navy'.

Covers all historical periods till Official Guide Pitkin 20pp. Lists lots. Many of the lots are neatly annotated with the sold price. Virtually as new Mint in Near-Mint pictorial card cover. The photographs in this volume cover all the various types and classes of ships in the Royal Navy and each picture is reproduced full-page.

As New. Mint in pictorial card cover. Around photographs in this volume cover all the various types and classes of ships in the Royal Navy and each picture is reproduced full-page. Royal Navy Ministry of Defence. Illustrated 30x Published with the aim to keep retired Naval and Royal Marines officers and selected associations up-to-date with the latest developments in the Royal Navy. Well Illustrated. Near-Fine in pictorial card cover.

Ministry of Information. VG in G pictorial card cover. An unmarked copy:- Near-Mint in pictorial card cover. Souvenir guide. Souvenir Guide. Mary Rose Trust. ROK Navy. Prof ills in colour. A review of the ROK Navy at date, illustrated with around photographs in colour. English and Korean text. Marshall Cavendish 64pp. An unmarked copy: Fine in Very Good pictorial card cover. A profusely record depicting various aspects of the Pacific War.

Very Good in pictorial paper cover.. Well illustrated. An unmarked copy:- VG in VG pictorial paper cover. Mint in pictorial paper cover.

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Mint in pictorial hardback cover. This magnificent book contains 36 multifolding full colour cut-aways with keys of some 36 warships. Each fold-out illustration is more than 80cm in length, and the ships range from a Roman Trireme to Nuclear submarines.

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Ships include. A fantastic book for any warship enthusiast or ship modeller. Company publication. Chronicles the design and construction of the nuclear submarine HMS Repulse, and describes its salient features. Superbly illustrated with 31 photographs in colour and 11 in black and white, including pictures of her construction, crew accommodation, galley, sea trials, etc, etc. Also there is a large multifolding colour cutaway of Repulse.

Additionally, each of the three previous naval ships to hold the name are given a double-page spread, comprising a magnificent colour reproduction painting of each vessel, accompanied by a brief history. Hydrographic Department, Admiralty. Profusely Illustrated. Near-Mint in Near-Mint pictorial card cover. Almost like new; Near-Mint in Near-Mint card cover.

A pictorial record containing around photographs of British warships, merchant ships, and aircraft involved in the Falklands War. Following on from Part One, this book provides a further pictorial record of around photographs of British warships, merchant ships, and aircraft involved in the Falklands War. Like new; Mint in pictorial hardback cover. Complete year. Four issues in original covers. Vol 73 The Naval Review. Vol 74 The Naval Review. The Naval Review. Four issues in original vovers.

Professionally and handsomely rebound in black cloth hardback cover with gilt titles. Bookplate of Reference library;. Appears unread. Binding and contents Fine. Spring, vi. Handsomely rebound in black cloth hardback cover with gilt titles. Spring, xi. Profusely illustrated.. This book is divided into 14 sections covering a wide variety of naval and seafaring topics.

As New; Mint in Mint pictorial hardback cover. This official MoD guide offers definitive information on every type of vessel and aircraft and their weapons systems in service with the Royal Navy at date. An unmarked copy:-Fine in pictorial card cover. An unmarked copy;- Fine in pictorial card cover. Pages - Contents rippled and lightly waterstained.

Published for the Admiralty, London. VG in VG pictorial paper cover. The 'Y' Scheme was a pre-entry training scheme for under-age but aspiring seaman. As new. The Royal Navy Historic Flight was established in in order to preserve the naval heritage by maintaining and flying a few surviving naval aircraft of the past. HMSO xi.

VG in VG blue paper cover. Ward Lock. Twelfth Edition pp;. Pictorial hardback cover. No writing or inscription. Very well illustrated. A reprint. An unmarked print-on-demand copy:- Near-Fine in pictorial card cover. This study of Soviet naval developments was prepared to provide ready reference on the Soviet naval strategy and forces. Very Good in slightly rubbed pictorial paper cover.. The official story of the wartime career of this famous aircraft carrier. The photographs in this volume cover all the various types and classes of ships in the RN and each picture is reproduced full-page.

An unmarked copy:- Near-Mint in Near-Mint pictorial card cover. Near-Fine in Fine. City of Portsmouth. List of Reviews of the Fleet. Souvenir Guidebook Pitkin. The Stationary Office. Facsimile reprint of the original edition published by HMSO. As new: Mint in pictorial card cover. Bodlian Library Oxford Endp maps. Like New. MKint in pictorial card cover. The Royal Navy's story in the nuclear age - as told in the pages of Navy News. Over items from Suez to the Gulf War. Above-average ex-library with minimaal stamps.

Percival Marshall 1st. An unmarked copy:- Fine in pictorial card cover. An excellent account of the author's naval career, full of unusual sidelights and good stories. Anderson entered Dartmouth in , joined his first ship Frobisher in , then served in Achillies and Forester, before taking command of MTB In he was given command of the destroyer Wivern, before taking the frigate Loch Killisport to the East Indies.

An unmarked copy:- Fine in Fine pictorial card cover. It was resolved to abandon the heavier of the two boats and to drag the other ashore to improvise an overnight shelter. Fortunately they were saved by the fog suddenly rising, revealing the ship once more. On finally returning to the ship, some five or six hours after the fog, it was almost dark. Although Hall wasn't alone in landing party, and unlikely to have been either its commander or the "shivering scout", he's known for having been the only person to publish a written account of it.

The landing thus named the big ledge near the top, where they erected their flagpole, "Hall's Ledge" after the only name they knew for certain. On 11 November , the gun privateer Le Milan was taken. In , the ship underwent a large repair at Plymouth , finally docking out in July Two further pounder carronades were added to her armament and her complement was increased to men. She was then detached to North America , where she captured some American privateers, where her crew undertook several boat-attacks to raid American shipping.

Her boats attempted to capture the notorious American privateer Prince de Neufchatel , but were unsuccessful. In all, Endymion lost over men killed, wounded, prisoners, or missing, in the attempt. At the time, Prince de Neufchatel was under the command of John Ordronaux , who was also one of her three owners.

She was armed with guns, almost all pounder carronades, and had a crew of men. On 6 December as John and James , Crosby, master, was returning from Chili with barrels of oil, Pomone captured her and sent her into Bermuda. On 7 March , Endymion , Belvidera and Rattler captured an American privateer — the gun vessel Mars — with 70 men. In late , Endymion joined the blockading-squadron off New York.

The first ships to go were Sylph , Dragon , Endymion , Bacchante , Peruvian , as well as some transports. Bulwark , Tenedos , Rifleman , and Pictou joined on the 31st. On the evening of 31 August, Sylph , Peruvian , and the transport Harmony , accompanied by a boat from Dragon , embarked marines, foot soldiers and a detachment from the Royal Artillery, to move up the Penobscot under the command of Captain Robert Barrie of Dragon.

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Here Adams had landed her guns and fortified a position on the bank with fifteen pounders commanding the river. Moving up the river took two days, but eventually, after the Battle of Hampden , the British were able to capture the American defenders at Bangor , though not until after the Americans had burnt the Adams. The British also captured 11 other ships and destroyed six. The British lost only one man killed, a sailor from Dragon , and had several soldiers wounded. Immediately, the British squadron gave chase with Majestic leading.

At noon, Endymion , being the much better sailer, overhauled her squadron and left them behind. Endymion was able to rake President three times and did considerable damage to her; by contrast, President primarily directed her fire at Endymion's rigging in order to slow her down. Endymion's foresails had been damaged in the engagement and she hove to for repairs to the rigging being unable to take possession of her prize due to a lack of boats that would "swim". Whilst Endymion was engaged in repairs Commodore Stephen Decatur took advantage of the fact and, despite having struck, made off to escape at 8.

Unaware that the enemy had already struck Pomone fired two broadsides into the President , following which Decatur again struck his ship and hailed the British to say that he had surrendered. Shortly afterwards, Captain Lumley of Pomone took possession of President. According to British accounts, President had lost 35 men killed and 70 wounded, including Decatur. American sources give their losses as 24 killed and 55 wounded.

Endymion had 11 killed and 14 wounded. There has been a long-running debate over whether Endymion had beaten President , or President had beaten Endymion. Had Decatur tried to fight Endymion broadside to broadside, he would have had little chance of escaping the other British ships. His only hope was to get rid of the Endymion by dismantling her rigging, and in this he failed, striking to Endymion before this could be accomplished, a fact confirmed by Mr Bowie, ship's chaplain of the President who confirmed the raising of the light indicating surrender to Endymion.

On the other hand, Endymion - as the smaller and weaker ship see below - managed to slow down and damage the American frigate, pouring in three raking broadsides that caused heavy casualties and forcing her to strike. Endymion had successfully disabled 6 guns on the President's starboard side by shooting them off their carriages or damaging the gun barrels. A total 10 of the 15 starboard upper deck gunports on the President were hit and the gun crew reduced. It was recorded that shot from Endymion had pierced President below the waterline and 6 feet of water was found in the President's hold when Pomone boarded her.

Shot from the Endymion was even found inside the President's magazine. Instead President was only forced to surrender when Pomone and Tenedos came up. Decatur made a deposition before the British Admiralty Court at St. George's Bermuda, in January In this it is recorded that when Pomone's boats boarded President , Decatur insisted that his sword be sent to the captain of "the black ship" Endymion , as he had struck to her alone. However, in his later despatch, primarily for American consumption, he contradicted this statement.

There has also been much discussion about how many of the American casualties were due to Pomone's broadsides. Before Pomone fired her first broadside, President was already shattered with shot holes on the starboard-side, the side the Endymion had engaged. Pomone engaged the port side, and there was only little damage recorded. See the external links, for two different descriptions of the fight. In reality there is no debate, since witness testimony from officers on President stated clearly that no casualties were caused, due mainly to poorly aimed broadsides and many American personnel being below decks.

After the War of , Endymion was kept in ordinary until The captains of Endymion were:- [33]. Two of Jane Austen's brothers served in the Royal Navy during the period she was writing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other ships with the same name, see HMS Endymion. He has been buying gold chains and topaz crosses for us. He must be well scolded. The London Gazette. Memoir of a chart of the Atlantic. London: Geoffrey Bles. Retrieved 6 June Fragments of Voyages and Travels.

Barnsley: Seaforth.