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But, despite this, I did laugh.

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Incredibly, Ubisoft have managed to create moments of unexpected joy within a very dark game. All without stepping away from the brutal reality of the conflict.

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You start Valiant Hearts in a recruitment line, controlling Emile, a farmer from the south of France. Emile joins the army in the first days of the war.

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By holding right you run him down the line, through the medical assessment, through the changing room, and out into basic training — a sly nod to the open doors recruitment policy active in There are some left behind, though, and the chain controlling the exhaust aimed at them is out of reach on top of the train. To get to it you have to find a bottle of wine to bribe a guard, conduct an army band to start playing a tune to distract the guards, climb onto the train and leap between the carriages to reach the front and the chain.

Valiant Hearts is a very easy puzzle game. You can only over carry one item so the puzzles are never too complex. Ubisoft have been clever with what the messages contain, too.

We curate each fellowship to highlight the location we have chosen, and seek out the best and brightest examples of like-minded businesses, organizations, fellow change-makers and institutions to expose you new ideas and approaches. In between adventures, mentor sessions and meals , we pack your brain with the Disruptive Design Method for up-skilling your toolset for activating positive social change. Jeremy McKane, San Francisco mentor, giving the fellows a hand during the 24hr challenge. During the week, you will engage in mentor sessions led by industry experts, thought leaders and experienced practitioners who are invited to share their knowledge and experiences in creating change with you.

We've had futurists, an astronaut! Emile Jansen, aka Emile YX? Emile has spoken at Universities all over the world about his passion for healing through Hip Hop and the initiatives he has created.

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A self-proclaimed shit-stirrer, Bernelle Verster is passionate about sanitation and is dedicated to developing waterless sanitation for everyone. Having completed her PhD, the rebellious Bioprocessing Engineer is pushing boundaries in developing wastewater treatment solutions feeding into an economically-competitive integrated water and nutrients strategy. Improving awareness around wastes, water and wastewater is a cause Bernelle has committed to, alongside her role at the Future Water Institute.

Bernelle is involved with many initiatives and passion projects, including Dream Zandvlei; bringing awareness to catchments and environments through adventure and sport. Aquasavvy, a water sensitive campaign, is another initiative she is active in, through which academic research is interpreted into action at various levels, including catchments and neighbourhoods.

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Vuyisa Qabaka is the founding partner at venture builder, Entrepreneur Traction, and a founding company director at equity crowdfunding platform, Uprise Africa. He is a startup advisor and angel investor into early-stage startups within fintech, traveltech, e-commerce and agriculture startups in Africa.

Naadiya is a serial social entrepreneur by passion, a civil engineer by training, and is Co-Founder at WomHub, an innovative company creating gender parity through education and technology. She is the co-founder of WomEng, a social enterprise, which she has grown across multiple countries tackling gender parity all along the engineering skills pipeline and recognized as the top TVET program in Africa by the African Union.

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Naadiya has a variety of experiences from technical engineering, leadership development, management consulting, ed-tech and entrepreneurship. During his time in prison, he became a key member of the Group of Hope programme a prisoner initiated project that changed prison rehabilitation in SA , where he decided to spend his life helping others avoid the mistakes he had made. She works towards articulating food sovereignty, encouraging cultural change. Local urban and ecological environments and their interchangeable relationship intrigue Zayaan. Through curiosity, research, experimentation and engagement, her work has found a resting place through food as a means of understanding the world, land and our collective heritage.

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Zayaan works as an artist, consultant, food transformer, ceramicist, writer and a researcher working from a socio-political platform to understand truer meanings of transformation and expressing solutions through the ways in which we consume, from food to medicine, art, cosmetic or household consumables. She previously coordinated the Slow Food Youth Network South Africa, a network of young people working to change the food system towards one that is good, clean and fair, and co-created The Apocalypse Pantry, a Survivors Guide to Happiness in the Urban Armageddon.

Zayaan is currently focusing on building the Seed Biblioteek, a seed library highlighting the story of seed. She is also completing her Masters in the Environmental Humanities South at UCT, an interdisciplinary research cluster, focusing her research on seeds. A sought-after speaker and thought leader on African cities, design, social and spatial practices, and demographic change. He is the founder and owner of Makeka Design Lab cc, an internationally recognised design practice founded in that deploys innovative design solutions at the urban, architectural, cultural and installation scale.

Makeka is the inaugural winner of the Gold Loerie Award for Communication Design in Architecture , and the youngest recipient and two-time winner of the Award of Merit from the Cape Institute for Architecture. Sustainability provocateur Dr. As an award winning designer, sociologist, and entrepreneur, she developed the Disruptive Design Method and designs cerebrally activating experiences, gamified toolkits, and unique educational experiences that help people make the status quo obsolete.

She has authored several handbooks for change makers and continues to agitate for new ways of solving complex social problems through beautifully designed interventions. Leyla will be mentoring the program from afar, as a digital mentor pre and post program. With the UnSchool focus on sustainability and brain-building, all our programs are plant-based and strive to be as waste free as possible. Three beautiful, brain-feeding, delicious and bountiful meals a day are provided , and we are big on in-between snacks.

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Constant, regular, delicious snacks to keep you fuelled up and energetic! And, there is also always a pancake breakfast, because Developed with an organisation local to the host city, we run a 24hr real-world design challenge for our fellows to apply the Disruptive Design Method to a social or environmental issue.