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Sign 3 means a right curve with safe speed indicator. Sign 4 means that the road ahead winds with a series of turns or curves. Customer Support. Log In. Select State. In-Car Driving Lessons.

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Curves Because of centrifugal force, there is a strong outward pull on your vehicle. Sign up for online drivers education today! Get a Quote. About DriversEd.

Set of Curves, Right to Left Traffic Sign

In-Car Lessons. Teen Drivers Ed. Adult Drivers Ed. Driver Community. Driver Resources. Mobile Apps. Drivers Ed App Mentor App. All rights reserved. Please see our privacy policy for more details. There is a specific method of driving through a curve that requires you to turn less. As you approach a curve, move to the side of your lane opposite of the direction of the curve. For example, if the road curves to the left, move to the right side of your lane. As you continue through the curve, position your vehicle towards the other side of your lane.

Finally, exit the curve towards the side of the road that you began in.

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This driving strategy will reduce the severity of a curve and the risk of skidding. If drivers are not careful to pay attention , they often veer towards either side of their lane while driving through curves. Make sure that you follow the above steering recommendations to avoid driving out of your lane.

However, you must also keep watch for approaching drivers while rounding a curve. Approaching drivers who are driving too close to the center of the road while driving through a curve may put you in danger of a head-on collision. Additionally, you must make sure that you do not steer off the road by taking a curve too wide.

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If this happens, slow down and calmly steer your vehicle back onto the road. Avoid over correcting or slamming on the breaks. The following video contains several typical mistakes that inexperienced drivers make on curvy roads:. Accelerate out of the curve. After you have safely driven through the curve, you can apply the accelerator and increase your speed.

If you do this too early, however, you will risk skidding. Drivers need to understand that when a vehicle skids, it is moving on its own , not because of the application of the accelerator. When a car is skidding, the accelerator, brakes, and steering wheel will not work as normal.

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Normal operational procedures are not likely to be successful. Sometimes a vehicle will understeer , a type of skid that happens when the vehicle turns sharply and begins to slide on the slick sidewalls of the tires.

If you do experience a skid while driving on a curvy road, there are several strategies you can use to help regain control of your car :. Immediately take your foot off the brake and gas pedals. Neither will help stop the skid and could in fact make it worse. Keep both hands loosely positioned on the steering wheel.

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Do not make any sudden steering motions.