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We had to reshoot the scene over and over again. I could tell the bird was tired.

Order of Saint Barbara

Finally when the scene was finished the director, Frank Perry, told me the bird had broken her neck on the last throw. Criticizing the directing and writing of James Bridges, critic Shirley Rigby said of the "bizarre" film, "Only the performances in the film save it from being a total travesty. Hershey once said that starring in Boxcar Bertha , "was the most fun I ever had on a movie.

She hoped the film would revive her career after the damage she felt it had suffered while she was with Carradine.

Barbara H. Clark

She believed that the hippie label she had been given was a career impediment. By this time she had shed Carradine and her "Seagull" pseudonym. Throughout the rest of the s, however, she was appearing in made-for-TV movies that were described as "forgettable". When Hershey landed a role in Richard Rush's The Stunt Man , it marked a return to the big screen after four years, and earned her critical praise.

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Hershey felt that she would be forever in debt to Rush for fighting with financiers to allow her a part in that film. She also felt that The Stunt Man was an important transition for her, from playing girls to playing women.

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In , Hershey left her native California and moved with her son to Manhattan. In addition to a Manhattan apartment, Hershey also bought an antique home in rural Connecticut.

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Her character in the latter film was based on Ruth First. She also played the love interest to Gene Hackman's character in the basketball film Hoosiers Unfortunately, so do historians and other academic specialists, who vitally need to take a distance from these assumptions in order to do their job.

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One of the most important of these absurd assumptions, accepted implicitly by most Americans, is that there is really only one race, the Negro race. That is why the Court had to perform intellectual contortions to prove that non-Negroes might be construed as members of races in order to receive protection under laws forbidding racial discrimination.

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Americans regard people of known African descent or visible African appearance as a race, but not people of known European descent or visible European appearance. That is why, in the United States, there are scholars and black scholars, women and black women.

George Bush and Michael Dukakis were candidates for president; Jesse Jackson was a black candidate for president. Moreover, people in the United States do not classify as races peoples of non-European but also non-African appearance or descent, except for purposes of direct or indirect contrast with people of African descent; and even then, the terms used are likely to represent geography or language rather than biology: Asian or Hispanic.

My students find it odd when I refer to the colonizers of North America as Euro-Americans , but they feel more at ease with Afro-Americans , a term which, for the period of colonization and the slave trade, has no more to recommend it.

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Students readily understand that no one was really a European, since Europeans belonged to different nationalities; but it comes as a surprise to them that no one was an African either, since Africans likewise belonged to different nationalities. Email required. Password required.

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  7. Larry Dossey for his contribution to the field of integrative medicine. Barbara Dossey and Larry Dossey were the recipients of the Pioneer of Integrative Medicine Award by the Aspen Center for Integrative Health, honoring their contributions to holistic medicine, holistic nursing, and integrative healthcare. Their visionary work and authorship in holistic nursing, medicine, and in the field of complementary and alternative therapies have been recognized as significant contributions to the caring and healing of critical care patients and families.

    Larry Dossey and Barbara Dossey are working to reshape the very ground of medicine and healthcare.