Manual 99 Color Paintings of Nikolai Ge - Russian Realist Painter (February 27, 1831 - June 13, 1894)

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Their plots and themes have a good deal in common, as Jean Yves Tadie points out. Each one is about the empire's political troubles, each features a pursuer who is himself pursued, each has a trio of characters at its centre and each grants minor importance compared with other Verne books to machinery. Mathias Sandorf: Some back story and little known facts. Verne was fascinated by the beauty of the Great Sea and wanted to share it with his readers.

Verne often stated that the inspiration for the novel came during a family cruise to Tanger and Malta aboard his yacht the Saint Michel. Verne claimed that Sandorf was modeled on his publisher. Like Hetzel, a former exile, Sandorf has fervent patriotism and a high moral sense. Dr Antekirtt is a mixture of Hetzel and Bixio , one of the publisher's friends. Others see similarities with Hungarian freedom fighter Lajos Kossuth who, like Sandorf, remained unreconciled to the compromise and Austrian prince Ludwig Salvator.

Several of the settings come from Verne's own travels, a rescue during a storm off Malta and visits to Catania and Etna. Yriatre described the old castle as well as his trip down into the gorge. He also mentioned an experiment by a young nobleman, Count Esdorff, to find the end of the underground river. Unfortunately the count's boat never made it out of the cave. His son was so moved by the love expressed in the dedication that he wrote a letter to Verne which said 'I've been loving you for so long that I feel like your brother', and admitted that in literature Verne is Dumas' son more than he himself.

Mathias Sandorf was performed as a five-act play in Paris in the s. There have also been three screen adaptations of Mathias Sandorf. The first was made in and directed by Henri Fescourt. During the s Fescourt was one of the most successful directors working for Cineroman, and Mathias Sandorf, Les Gransa and Mandarin were among his most popular works. The most recent version was a TV miniseries [2] made for French television in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mathias Sandorf Hetzel first edition cover. Mathias Sandorf. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Getty Trust Gilbert Apps. Hirschhorn Museum Exhib. What is OAC? Collection Title:. No online items. View entire collection guide. Online Items. Table of contents. Physical Description: The Exhibitions series is arranged into four subseries, organized chronologically according to earliest exhibition openning date present in the subseries.

When originally taken from storage the materials were quite dissordered. The subseries were determined in an effort to preserve some of the original order of the records by looking at what records were boxed together, similarities in box and folder labeling, and date ranges. The largest subseries within this series, Exhibitions, - , consists of materials that could not be placed in any other subseries. There is some overlap in subject matter among series.

It appears that when these were working files they were originally organized alphabetically by subject or exhibition "nickname". The nickname was determined before an official title was constructed for an exhibition for example, the exhibition The Avant-Garde in Russia, New Perspectives EX. Garde" on file labels for much of the exhibition planning process.

To ease access to files related to a particular exhibition are grouped together and each subseries is organized alphabetically by official exhibition or event title as it appears in LACMA's collection management database system, MIMSY. When materials in the series indicated that the exhibition title in MIMSY was incorrect, the title was corrected in the database.

For events and installations, which are present in each series, but are not tracked in MIMSY, the title for the file group was determined by the archivist based on folder labels and contents.

Nikolai Ge: A collection of 96 paintings (HD)

Some subseries also include files that cover more than one exhibition, non-exhibition events, or subjects not related to one particular exhibition such as ticketing. The titles of these events or file groups and their relevant dates have been supplied by the archivist based on the folder contents. All folders pertaining to the same exhibition installation or subject are grouped together within a subseries with their original labeling transcribed. No effort has been made to organize folders within an exhibition grouping, or the items within folders. The Exhibitions series consists of Based on the names of correspondents found in the series, these records were probably created by exhibitions staff members Myrna Smoot and John Passi and their assistants.

Included are records pertaining to exhibitions organized by LACMA, exhibitions organized by other institutions and then touring to LACMA, exhibitions proposed by outside organizations to tour to LACMA but ultimately not accepted, as well as exhibitions that were accepted and then cancelled. Exhibitions that were cancelled or not accepted are noted in the container list. For some exhibitions it could not be determined if they were accepted and cancelled or never accepted.

These events are accompanied by the note "unknown. Since cancelled and exhibitions that are not accepted by LACMA do not appear in the collection management database, their titles are supplied by the archivist based on file contents. Dates for exhibitions that did not take place are accompanied by the note " proposed. Some subseries include files that cover more than one exhibition, non-exhibition events, or other materials generally related to the work of organizing exhibitions.

2. The Publisher: Grigorii Blagosvetlov

The titles of these events and their relevant dates have been supplied by the archivist based on the folder contents of those subseries. Physical Description: 9. This subseries consists of nine linear feet or seven boxes of records relating to exhibitions that took place or were planned to take place at LACMA from to Types of records include checklists, correspondence, memos, floorplans, contracts and agreements, invoices, and press releases. Boymans - Van Beuningen French Drawings.

Aborigine Exhibition - unknown. Aborigine Exhibition. Mother and Child Loan Agreements. Shelburne Museum. Art of Nagaland. Goldsmith - Silver Schroder. Avant-Garde in the 80's Artistis Contracts. Avant-Garde in the Eighties. Ban [Chiang] Installation. Costa Rica Budget File. The Copts of Ancient Egypt - cancelled.

List of 31 Academicism Famous Artists Painters

Coptic Art. Binney, Ed. Dressed for the Country. Five Centuries of Italian Textiles. Chinese Bronze - Sov. GBAC - Photographs. GBAC Boston. GBAC - Delegation. Chinese Bronze - Budget. Chinese Bronze Symp. Chinese Bronze - Misc. Chinese Bronze - M. Smoot Trip. Great Bronze Age of China 2. Chinese Bronze and Monu. Great Bronze Age of China 3. Chinese Bronze Orientation Gallery. Chinese Bronze - Interpreter. Russian Impressionist Exhib. Russian Impressionist Catalog. Russian Impressionist Translators. Rusian Impressionists Exhib Part I.

In Honor of Ebria Feinblatt.

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Constitution Bicentennial. Barrow Catalog. Thomas F. Barrow Participants. Thomas Barrow Catalogues. Barrow Budget File. Jim Dine Prints. John Singleton Copley. Budapest Checklists. Budapest Contracts. Budapest Exhibition. Cone Collection Manuscript Material. The Cone Collection. Cone Collection. Cone Collection - Budget. Shin'enkan Exhibition. Max Beckmann Retrospective. Beckmann Cat. Beckmann Budget. Blankfort Checklists.

Blankfort Collection. Blankfort Catalog. Netsuke Miniature Sculpture. Netsuke Checklists. Berlin Indemnification. Berlin Treasures.

Berlin Treasures Budget. Berlin Catalog. Berlin Checklist. Olympian Gestures. People of the Rainbow. Photography and Art. Photography and Art Checklist. Photography and Art: Power and Gold. Remington Exhibition - cancelled. Fredric Remington. Robert Frank Retrospective. Shogun Negotiations. Press Information. The Shogun Age Exhibition. Susan Rankaitis Budget. Susan Rankaitus. Northwest Coast Art. Northwest Coast Checklists. San Marco Ticketing. San Marco Checklist. San Marco Basilica of Gold. San Marco Budget File. San Marco Acoutiguide. San Marco. The Treasury of San Marco Venice. San Marco: Basilica of Gold.

Edward Ruscha. The Works of Edward Ruscha. This subseries consists of Types of records include proposals, correspondence, memos, drafts of grant applications, contracts and checklists, tour arrangements and schedules, reports regarding ticket sales and visitor numbers, payment slips, invoices, press releases, press clippings, gallery brochures, invitations, photographs, slides, budgets, materials relating to audio tours, and other records regarding the planning, promotion, and reception of exhibitions which were shown at LACMA. More than paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, books, photographs, textiles, and examples of industrial, theatrical, and architectural design represented the work of 40 artists.

German Expressionist Sculpture EX. Guido Reni, EX. Aristotle, world-weary, looks at the bust of blind, humble Homer, on which he rests one of his hands. This has variously been interpreted as the man of sound, methodical science deferring to Art, or as the wealthy and famous philosopher, wearing the jeweled belt given to him by Alexander the Great, envying the life of the poor blind bard. It has also been suggested that this is Rembrandt's commentary on the power of portraiture.

After three months, the Nominated Assembly passes a motion to dissolve itself and Cromwell establishes the Protectorate. A Virginia court grants blacks the right to hold slaves. Scotland incorporated with the English Commonwealth. Painting by Rembrandt : The Polish Rider depicts a young man traveling on horseback through a murky landscape. When the painting was sold by Zdzislaw Tarnowski to Henry Frick in , there was consensus that the work was by the Dutch painter Rembrandt.

This attribution has since been contested, though this remains a minority view. There has also been debate over whether the painting was intended as a portrait of a particular person, living or historical, and if so of whom, or if not, what it was intended to represent. Both the quality of the painting and its slight air of mystery are commonly recognized, though parts of the background are very sketchily painted or unfinished.

It has been in the collection of the Louvre in Paris since A similar painting is in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, possibly by Rembrandt himself but probably by one of his pupils, perhaps Fabritius. Other similar, paintings attributed to Rembrandt or his circle, are held by museums in Budapest and Philadelphia. Rembrandt made a drawing of a similar scene c. Another, pre, painting of a slaughtered ox the example in Edinburgh, now attributed to Rembrandt's circle but formerly to Rembrandt was perhaps inspired by a lost earlier work by Rembrandt himself.

In northern Europe, the month of November was traditionally the season slaughtering livestock in northern Europe, before winter made feed difficult to find. The island of Jamaica is captured from the Spaniards by the English. Because of these complexities, Las Meninas has been one of the most widely analyzed works in Western painting. The painting shows a large room in the Royal Alcazar of Madrid during the reign of King Philip IV of Spain, and presents several figures, most identifiable from the Spanish court, captured, according to some commentators, in a particular moment as if in a snapshot.

Some look out of the canvas towards the viewer, while others interact among themselves. The young Infanta Margaret Theresa is surrounded by her entourage of maids of honour, chaperone, bodyguard, two dwarfs and a dog. In the background there is a mirror that reflects the upper bodies of the king and queen. Las Meninas has long been recognised as one of the most important paintings in Western art history. The Baroque painter Luca Giordano said that it represents the "theology of painting" and in the president of the Royal Academy of Arts Sir Thomas Lawrence described the work in a letter to his successor David Wilkie as "the true philosophy of the art".

The first persecution of Quakers occurs in Massachusetts. Virginia passes a fugitive slave law. Cromwell dies and his son Richard becomes Lord Protector. Richard Cromwell is pressured into dissolving the Protectorate; the Rump Parliament is restored.

This painting was documented by John Smith in , who wrote: "This grand and affecting picture exhibits the ruins of a church and convent upon the summit of a hill, occupying the whole extent of the view in the second distance, the declivity of which presents a cemetery, interspersed with large stones. On the foreground are a broken tree lying across a rapid stream, a tomb of black marble, with an inscription on it; a row of three sarcophagi extending along the front; and on the left stands a cluster of large umbrageous trees, the verdant hues of whose foliage is contrasted by the leafless trunk of a beech.

Three persons in black are seen near a small tomb on the side of the hill, musing amidst the tombs. The grandeur and solemnity of the scene is strikingly enhanced by rolling stormy clouds, in which may be perceived the evanescent colours of a rainbow. End of Puritan rule in England; restoration of the Stuarts. The Commonwealth of England ends and the monarchy is brought back during the English Restoration.

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Massachusetts reverses a ruling dating back to , which allowed blacks to train in arms. New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire pass similar laws restricting the bearing of arms. Until the s, most settlers in the region are small landowners from Barbados. In Gloucester County, Virginia the first documented slave rebellion in the colonies takes place.

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It forms a pendant with the Regentesses of the Old Men's Almshouse. Though it is no longer known which name belongs with which face, the regents portrayed were Jonas de Jong, Mattheus Everzwijn, dr. Frans Hals painted them in his "loose style", with rough brush strokes. The painting is traditionally dated , though no archival evidence has yet been found to confirm this. The date is chosen as the middle of the term that the sitters served as regents. Though the paintings as pendants seem to belong together, they did not hang together, and as was the case in the St.

Elisabeth hospital across the street, they probably each hung in a separate regents' meeting room; the one for the ladies in the ladies' meeting room and the one for the men in the men's meeting room. Maryland is the first colony to take legal action against marriages between white women and black men. New York and New Jersey legalize slavery. The State of Maryland mandates lifelong servitude for all black slaves. Painting by Rembrandt The Jewish Bride.

Maryland passes a fugitive slave law. Samuel Morland builds a mechanical calculator that will add and subtract. Svetlana Alpers describes it as unique and ambitious; Walter Liedtke "as a virtuoso display of the artist's power of invention and execution, staged in an imaginary version of his studio Its composition and iconography make it the most complex Vermeer work of all.

Virginia declares that Christian baptism will not alter a person's status as a slave. The Mission of Sault Ste. Marie, in what will become Michigan, is founded by Father Marquette. New Jersey passes a fugitive slave law. Painting by Willem Kalf : Still Life with a Chinese Porcelain Jar is a sumptuous still life displaying the sort of costly wares that flowed through the Netherlands during its heyday as a trade center. In Still Life with a Chinese Porcelain Jar, Kalf selected an array of precious objects with which to showcase the wealth and refinement of the Netherlands and his own skills as a painter.

Everything is expensive, imported, or both. The citrus fruit, glassware from Venice, and Chinese porcelain jar are evidence of Dutch sailors' enterprise. Local talent is displayed by Dutch silver and a rummer, or wineglass, with a cherub holding a cornucopia at its base. They stand on a marble tabletop with a carelessly crumpled oriental rug. Amid all that luxury is a lesson: a ticking watch on the silver platter reminds the viewer that such earthly riches are fleeting, and worth far less than eternal salvation.

The carefully balanced composition, rich colors, and warm tonalities make this painting an object of beauty as well as moral edification. The Hudson Bay Company is incorporated. The State of Virginia prohibits free blacks and Indians from keeping Christian i. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz invents the Staffelwalze stepped drum, or stepped reckoner , the first mechanical calculator that could perform all four mathematical operations. Its intricate precision gearwork, however, was somewhat beyond the fabrication technology of the time; mechanical problems, in addition to a design flaw in the carry mechanism, prevented the machines from working reliably.

Despite the mechanical flaws, it suggested possibilities to future calculator builders. The operating mechanism, invented by Leibniz, called the stepped cylinder or Leibniz wheel, was used in many calculating machines for years, and into the s with the Curta hand calculator. In discussing his invention, Leibniz wrote Indignum enim est excellentium virorum horas servii calculandi labore perire, qui Machina adhibita vilissimo cuique secure transcribi posset — For it is unworthy of distinguished men to waste their time with slavish calculations, which can be done safely with the use of this machine by anyone else.

The Mississippi River is discovered. Painting by Jan Steen : Merrymaking at an Inn combines the Flemish tradition of low-life tavern scenes with the more elegant Dutch merry companies. New York declares that blacks who convert to Christianity after their enslavement will not be freed. The war is named for Metacomet, the Wampanoag chief who adopted the English name Philip due to the friendly relations between his father and the Mayflower Pilgrims.

The war continued in the most northern reaches of New England until the signing of the Treaty of Casco Bay in April The war was the single greatest calamity to occur in seventeenth century Puritan New England and is considered by many to be the deadliest war in the history of European settlement in North America in proportion to the population.

In the space of little more than a year, twelve of the region's towns were destroyed and many more damaged, the colony's economy was all but ruined, and its population was decimated, losing one-tenth of all men available for military service. More than half of New England's towns were attacked by Indians. By early July, over had surrendered to the colonists, and Metacomet took refuge in the Assowamset Swamp below Providence, close to where the war had started.

The colonists formed raiding parties of militia and Indians. They were allowed to keep the possessions of warring Indians and received a bounty on all captives. He was shot and killed by an Indian named John Alderman on August 12, After his death, his wife and nine-year-old son were captured and sold as slaves in Bermuda. Philip's head was mounted on a pike at the entrance to Fort Plymouth, where it remained for more than two decades. His body was cut into quarters and hung in trees. Alderman was given Metacomet's right hand as a reward. In Virginia, black slaves and black and white indentured servants band together to participate in Bacon's Rebellion.

The habeas corpus act is passed in England. The State of Virginia forbids blacks and slaves from bearing arms, prohibits blacks from congregating in large numbers, and mandates harsh punishment for slaves who assault Christians or attempt escape. It is signed, dated with the year, and inscribed with the subject at centre bottom , as Claude sometimes did with his less common subjects.

It was Claude's last painting, and is perhaps not quite finished; it therefore does not appear in the Liber Veritatis, where he made drawings to record his finished works. His date of birth is uncertain, but he was at least in his late seventies when he painted it, perhaps as old as What will become Pennsylvania is colonized by William Penn. Penn founds Philadelphia.